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World In Chaos Emergency

It the recent weeks i have been following what has been going on in the world. I might add. Im Nervous, and scared. Im so scared that im almost afraid to step out side these days. My name is William Sebastian from Virginia Beach Va. I am 33 years old and of course male if that makes a diffrence.

Lately i have been watching whats going on Internationally and here abroad. The world seems to be going in a state of Anarchy. Basiclly what im saying is that the goverment body not just here in america but also in other countries have gone in complete disarray. What scares me most is that a goverment body wether in be Islamic or Demoracy,and communisism has lost its power in the world. People all over the world are rioting,protesting and some of this now has even turned viloent. I have seen 5 countries now where people are commiting anarchy and pushing there goverment out by force. Libya, Egypt, Lybian, China and soon Next month a group Here in the United states will be protesting. No goverment is immune to this. I can understand the right for all voices to be heard but as we have seen even the voices being heard its eiher there way or no way. And if its no way then violence errupts. Countries go in shambles and violence continues. Nothing is being solved. These are just 5 countries that ive listed there is even more. The main countries are Egypt and Libya. And from what i know its not getting better. presidents are being outs of office. and when one just one country does this others fall suit and it turns to a domino effect rippling havoc on the world. Goverment s are losing control of there own people. Laws become powerless. And the use of Guns pointing towards the rioters and protesters are becoming useless because they have no fear. There should always be a fear of being shot for trying to overthrow your goverment or know goverment will withstand. A few thousand against a few million. its like A city with little police to execute law and order on a ration to 1 per 1000. It just cant be done. theat one police officer can kill 10 people yet 990 more will trample him and do what they want.

My suggestion is to do something and with quickness. Dont let it be voted on 3 months down the line because we may not have 3 months left. Soon our own country as we are already seeing with Demoratics skipping town instead of doing there job, law makers being shot and killed and islamic groups getting ready to protest in March In DC. Goverments need to creat a body where people can submitt on paper and electronicly what they dont like about the country and what needs to be changed.Including how to carry it out and a taly of ya and nay. basiclly and election of thing sto be done in there country on a weekly basis. And let that be done. Each goverment should allow there people to vote everyweek on these refrendums,ideas and problems that need to be fixed. And the goverments should work on those immediatley and not months or years down the line. This may curb the violence in the world against goverments. and when Protests do break out countries shalll use there military to stop these happenings immediately not just one goverments but help from other goverment military as well. The fear needs to be put back in the minds of people that Goverment is there to set law and order and justice. That shall not be broken and doing so is an act of war and treason. Thankyou for reading. For any body who would like to comment i would like to hear from you more so from our own goverment at



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