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Somalia: US to push for UN referendum?

To Whom it May Concern,


In light of the astounding amount of negative press the US receives regarding its foreign policy choices (past and present) I was wondering if the US government had considered putting before the UN General Assembly a motion to call a general referendum on the possible independence of Somaliland from what is now the failed state of Somalia?


As you may know, Somalia is still unstable since it's plunge into civil war in the 1990's. Despite UN assistance and intervention from the US and other organizations, piracy, crime and suffering still persist on the Horn of Africa. Somaliland (a former British Colony) was merged with Somalia after WWII upon independence. Historically, Somaliland was separate from Somalia and was run by separate tribes than those in south and eastern Somalia. If the US government were to action or push for an "independent Somaliland" before the UN, wouldn't this be perceived as a just and righteous movement by the international community? An independent Somaliland would help bring stability to the region as well as protect against further attacks by pirates and terrorists in the Strait of Hormuz. President Obama and Secretary Clinton would probably be lauded for pushing this in the UN General Assembly, with China, Russia and most European countries supporting the motion.


I'm not affiliated with any NGO or religious group. I am just an ordinary citizen hoping that this message could spark an idea at the State Department to help improve the image of the US as perceived by other countries... not to mention give a boost of confidence to the US public after our departure from Iraq, that we can still "do the right thing" on the world stage.


Thank you for your time and consideration,




Peter Klein



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