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Thanks for allowing citizens to provide feedback on your new OpenGov System. This is a great example of how democratic systems can improve not only information literacy at the state level, but also to improve collaboration at the federal level. As always, communicating change to the masses is often one of the state's toughest challenges, and with the OpenGov system, this may alleviate some of these barriers. Although, there are still problems with this system because it favors computer users. The recent broadband initiative will increase coverage, but there will always be gaps. As a result, we operate our information dissemination methods redundantly, and this can cause discrepancies and confusion due to the medium in which they are delivered.


With this new open system, it would be a great way to get the Voters' feedback on new legislation; it would be great for the state because campaigns could be more readily targeted, monitored, and ease transparency measures. It would also be a good way to test the public, and work as a public barometer for introducing new legislation and measures as they become more prominent.



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