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Local embassy jobs need to be publicily advertised

Problem: Embassy jobs (not foreign service officer type) should be mandated to publicly advertised either by a local newspaper, telephone recording, paper posted at the embassy guard post, or by the web.


Background: Spouses of embassy employees and veterans are supposed to have an opportunity to apply for vacancies at the embassies. However, as I discovered while living in Timor-Leste such opportunities are not made public. The Australian embassy publicly advertises such vacancies via the local paper so there is a low tech method for this.


As a veteran with a security clearance and master’s degree, I would have loved to have even a low paying job. I had nothing to do in this country but waiting for my spouse to get home. Unlike the people at the guard shack, I do speak English, can read and was not associated with any of the local gangs.


But where was the opportunity to apply?????? Kept secret and for the friends and created for the spouses only??



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