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FOIA and USCIS merger – loss or gain?

While reiterating on transparency, improvement of social relations and government-to-people reciprocity, big shots tend to deviate from the mainstream of our everyday vital commodities – rights, duties, and responsibilities. It is a paradox but a fact; my case that turned into a nightmare from the very beginning could vividly picture how “paper”, not a common sense, determines destiny. This is about an abandoned US citizen teenager who has been ignored and unintentionally involved into a clash between the heartless government bureaucratic machine and blatant reality.

I would not write of details that can be found at but would have a one-million-dollar question to pose: How could FOIA and USCIS have possibly lost ALL records of a mother who gave a birth to a US citizen on the American soil? Actions speak louder. Does not it sound dubious when it comes to responsibilities and duties paid to own citizens? Is not it callous disregard and watertight negligence towards the young, yet unestablished life?

Still struggling I left no stone unturned, but what? It was a wild goose chase until I decided to share my opinion on these pages. I hope that there still is decency out there and this lousy error would make bygones sooner or later.





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