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Embassies MUST reconcile local traveler db w/the db on-line db

Background: Registration can be done in person at an embassy, on-line or in some cases both.


In my particular case I registered in person as the on-line system was not yet in service. Shortly thereafter the system did go on-line. I then registered on-line and logged all trips abroad. In most of the cases once I marked my trip as complete I also stopped receiving the email messages specific to that country.


However, in the case of Timor-Leste I continued and in fact still am receiving these email messages despite the fact that I updated the on-line system almost two years ago.


Issues: This would indicate that there is at least one embassy, that is not reconciling their local travel registration databases with the on-line database. If this is true then it has wide security implications and certainly potential egg on the face of the department of state should the embassy ever need to gather the Americans in such country abroad.


Are they not reconciling because they do not understand this?


Is it because they have no tools to do such reconciliation such as web service or report entry and extraction from the on-line system?


Is their a local hire maintaining the local database and thus have no clearance to access the on-line database for the reconciliation?


Suggested Resolution: Embassies MUST understand where the database of record is located and reconcile local databases with the database of record and be given the tools to do so.



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