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Disease in the USA could be reduced by Stopping Water Fluoridati

Water Fluoridation is a causing disease, because it is being added to our Cities Tap water, not as Sodium Fluroide, but from the making of Fertilizer, its toxic waste product. The FDA never approved it, nor did they ever approve what the Dentist's use to give Fluoride treatments in their office. Nor did or does the EPA endorse this Dental and CDC recommendation to use the water dept as a vehicle for dispensing a medication. One that should never be swallowed by the way. It is a Neurotoxin, a Bio-Accumulative, a Endocrine Disruptor, a Enzyme Inhibitor. It is illegal to do any experimenting or clinical studies on children in our nation but here in Michigan where it started in Grand Rapids as an experiment on all ages of us humans in 01/ 1946.

I know the facts, for I have studied this and researched this for a year and half. The AMA has told the Water Dept.' to not mix fluoridated water in the babies formula,until they are 12months old, do not let them drink it before than either. They also recommend that children under the age of six years old should not use fluoridated toothpaste, if a pea size amt is swallowed then the parent is to call Poison Control # on the box.

Then the toothpaste companies come out with ,children s toothpaste food flavors, or bubblegum, which just encourages them to swallow this toxin.

I have read where there were 23 studies done on what effects the fluoride will have on the childs brains, hence their learning ability. It decreased those childrens brains 5-20pts, it is a neurotoxin , and neurotoxins of any amount will transfer across the brain barrier and cause neuron and dendrite damage to the brain cells. Then the child will develop ADHD, and other brain diseases which will affect their ability to learn, to cognate, and to pass tests.

I believe if this hydrofluorosilicic acid were to be removed from our tap water, we would not have a need to fire teachers, and import intelligence from nations such as China and Japan and most of Europe who do not fluoridate their water. The people in Europe would not allow it when it was brought up on one occasion.

It is causing 41 % of the children to have Dental Fluorosis of the teeth.

100,000 per year are being diagnosed with Osteoporosis. This chemical action of the "F"ion as its refereed to, was known back in the 1930's and 40's to Demineralize the bones and teeth, causing Osteoporosis, Dental Fluorosis, Goiter or hypothyroidism. We now know after 65 yrs or less it will cause most of the Baby Boomers to have Osteoporosis, requiring Spinal surgeries, Neck Fusions, Total Hip Replacements, Knee replacements.

Yes it brings in the money for the doctors and dentists bail-outs that is certain, but WE do not like that RAT POISON being put in our water period. We would like to be able to live without something secretly , illegally , without our constitutional consent or right to have full disclosure on the action of this drug which was put into our water by our government. We want it removed and stopped.

It would save our babies and children and the elderly and the government a whole of grief , sickness and disease and money. It is not put in our water to treat the water, like chlorine is to treat bacteria, it is put in the water to treat & prevent tooth decay in children on their baby teeth which will fall out anyway , and then if a child is treated with water fluroidation or by fluroide pills or fluoride gels and varnishes and mouthrinse, before the age of 7 yrs old , before their permanent teeth come in , all the while it is layering the enamel , changing the chemical within the teeth that nature gave us to be able to prevent our own tooth decay. calcium hypoxyappetite, to calcium hypoxyfluoride, and depending how much calcium and how much fluoridation they consume or ingest or acculumulate will depend on the degree of Dental Fluorosis they will get, from this chemical. google : Fluorosis ,you will get over 18K picture of kids with Dental Fluorsis. Go to the National Osteoporosis Foundation and see how many people in the USA year by year for the past 40yrs and the future 20 years will have Osteoporosis. 59 million people have Hypothyroidism in our Nation! The water is doing it! any form of fluoride , or fluoride gas which is a pollutant also, and they are Endocrine Disruptors.

If a child takes Fluoride pills , never approved by the FDA but requires a prescription they will get GERD, tummy aches because it will eat the lining of their stomachs, the same with Fosamax made from the bi-phosphates of Fertilizer, it creates a Fluorosilicic Acid in the stomach of the usually elderly, and if it backs up into their esophagus it will cause and is causing Cancer of the Esophagus. That was just on the news. Also, Kidney Dialysis patients , should not be dialysis with City TAP water due to the chlorine and fluoride in it. I would think they should be using Distilled Water and which in order to get the Fluoride ion out it has to be put through a Reverse Osmosis machine..which is the only way to remove the fluoride, but then you have removed all of the minerals and so you have to add them. Also, rather than chlorine, I would like our cities to "OZONATE" OUR WATER. That gets rid of all bacteria and virus's.

Chlorine and Fluorine gas combined in a hot shower will emit "nerve gas"! Who needs that? Also, did you know that that is what the Anesthesiologists are using now for our surgeries. Again because it is not approved by the FDA, for water the doctors have gone ahead and are got a 5 yr permission from the FDA to give us all Fluorthane gas mixed with Chlorine and Bromine in put us into a Coma so we don't feel anything during our surgery. However, unlike Nitrous Oxide, which is naturally in the air we breathe , can be reversed by increasing Oxygen. NOt so with Flurothane, there is no antidote, other than a slow reduction in the amount given. Many infants have died during surgeries after they started using it. The FDA report says. the public isn't told that!

I asked the Anesthesiologist who was assigned to my brother for his second Total Hip Replacement.

What anesthesia was he going to give him? He said, Flurothane, I said well he had terrible nausea the last surgery and was very confused and agitated , I siad I used to work in the OR and on the FDA report it said that with Nitrous Oxide there was never any really bad side effects, but with Fluorothane there is. He said we don't give Nitrous Oxide at all anymore, it is strictly Flurothane and or Halo-thane. And he got intimidated with me as a nurse asking him questions,and got up and left the room, and sent in a woman nurse anesthetists and nothing more was discussed with me on that subject! LOL! But at least my brother did not get so much of it that he got nauseated and did not seem to have as much trouble coming out of it or in being confused. I feel it always helps to keep the doctors who are using such dangerous toxic drugs for things nowdays to keep them on their toes. !

I would like for President Obama to invite several people for a private meeting to discuss this water fluoridation with the President first and then possibly with a Congressional Committee.

We have to stop this from being piped into our homes. We absorb 50% if ingested, and 100% when showering or bathing in it it through our skin. WE are more than teeth, and we do not need to be drinking any neurotoxins in our water especially to add it , its another thing if its in there from farm fertilizer run off.

Let the Dentists do their own practicing and have their own liability insurance, and take responsibility for what happens adversely from their experimenting on children. Inform the parents of this nation. We would like full disclosure of this toxin, this industrial toxic waste. I don't need it to continue to accumulate in my body for life , "De-boning me ALIVE! ".



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