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Advance Open Diplomacy in Parallel with Open Government

The U.S. Government should invest significant resources to advance the concept of open diplomacy. This new construct would rely heavily upon the U.S. Government’s existing e-diplomacy and public diplomacy tradition. However, it would not be limited to these disciplines.


Open diplomacy would serve as the overall diplomatic strategy for the country - placing new emphasis on: 1) increasing transparency, promoting openness, and valuing foreign citizen feedback in American foreign policy; 2) promoting the use of new and emerging technology and processes to bridge the cultural, political, scientific, and economic gap between the U.S. Government and the global community; 3) leveraging American citizens to increasingly engage foreigners as "ambassadors" of American values and ideas.


Open diplomacy would not supplant the importance of elite engagement between professional diplomats. Instead, it would serve to rebalance relative importance of soft power and hard power objectives; recognizing the long-term strategic importance of confronting the rapid decline of American influence over global ideas and values.



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